Factory relocations are some of the most challenging projects a machinery company can undertake. To ensure a client’s factory relocation project is a success, they must keep disruption and downtime to an absolute minimum, as well as meeting cost and timescale expectations. These complex factory and plant relocations require expert knowledge and experience, which often means bringing in an external specialist company.

Our typical factory relocation and plant removal services feature

Whilst some of our competitors may approach your factory move with a ‘lift and shift’ mentality we take a completely different perspective. Working in partnership with you we will minimise the disruption to your operations and provide technical guidance where possible to help streamline your new setup. In addition to manufacturing and installation of floor plates, walkways and access platforms, we also provide mechanical installation including any rebuilding along with the installation of guards or ancillary equipment.

We have the knowledge, skills, and techniques to manage industrial relocation to meet complex machinery moving requirements. We use established principles, procedures as well as policies to manage projects from conception through to completion. Our project management service include developing a project plan, including defining and confirming the project goals and objectives. Discussing how goals are achieved, identifying tasks and quantifying the resources needed, in addition determining budgets and timelines for completion.